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Friday, December 16, 2005

A Logic Problem

I remember nonsense like this from the GRE many years ago:

Cat and Dog 2 are both black and white. Dog 1 and Dog 2 like to play and roughhouse. Cat has diabetes and so must have access to food 24/7. Human 1 and Human 2 are gone for large portions of each day. Dog 1 and Dog 2 love to eat Cat's food. Cat also has arthritis so his food must be on the floor so he doesn't have to jump if he doesn't want to. Dog 2 can jump over gates that Cat 1 can walk through. Dog 1 gets free run of the house, but would eat Cat's food if given half a chance. Dog 2 likes to chew on things she shouldn't. Human 1 and Human 2 should...

a) become veterinarians and work out of the house.
b) keep Cat confined in a single room while gone knowing that he probably doesn't care since he sleeps all day anyway.
c) confine all three separately in different parts of the house.
d) write silly logic problems about it.
e) both a and b
f) both b and d
g) b, c and d
h) a, b and c

We're going with 'g' for now.



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