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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Enjoying Arctic Air

Coming from New England it's hard not to smile when everyone freaks out about the occasional ice storms. I know that most people who aren't used to driving in icy conditions can have problems, and it's been seventeen years since I lived in Rhode Island so I'm sort of one of those people now, but I just don't dread these kinds of fronts. In fact, I love them.

Right now, the sky is a dark, hard gray and the trees are swaying gently back and forth. It's nice to go outside for a few minutes and remember how much I wish for days like this when it's 108 degrees in September. Given the choice between heat and cold, I prefer cold, but my brother makes a good case to the contrary when he points out that one never has to shovel hundreds of pounds of heat out of the driveway. Still, I'll enjoy the cold while it lasts.

So I take it all in. The air - damp and cold - rattles my lungs a bit; the wind bites and stings. At first it doesn't feel too cold, and I wonder what the big deal is (The University of Texas closed at 2:00) but then it works its way in, and I start to really feel it. I love staying out past that point, just starting to shiver, before going in for my coat. I wish it would actually snow or at least ice over enough to shut the city down for a day or two, but that's a bit too much to ask. By Friday I'll probably be wearing shorts again.

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