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Thursday, December 08, 2005

Del.icio.usly Tagging My Blog

After continuing to experiment with categories for organizing blog posts, I broke down and started a account and began to experiment with tags. It didn't take long to get hooked. Then I went back to freshblog's Blogger Hacks and read up on categories using and various other methods. I experimented with this (which was cool but apparently doesn't get picked up by Technorati) and read several other hacks, but ultimately decided I liked the ease of using this method, which relies on this bookmarklet to generate the and Technorati code for my tags.

I then tagged all my old posts (which only took an hour) and will continue tagging in the future. When I get a chance, I'll install the tagroll or some other such tool in the sidebar to make it even easier to navigate.

Though I like the fact that the manual method doesn't rely on an outside service and maintains a consistent feel to using the site, this is so much easier and doesn't require constant re-publishing of old posts. I still wish Blogger would develop a system for internal categories, but for now I will tag. I'll keep the categories link up and may continue to use categories for some of my posts.

In the meantime my tags are here.



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