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Thursday, January 12, 2006

The Pimpin' Post

Pimp. It's an interesting word that one hears quite often especially around high school students. Of course, they don’t use it to mean "a man who manages women in prostitution, often street prostitution, in order to profit from their earnings"(wikipedia). It’s generally used as a compliment as in: "Mr. Brush is cool. He’s a pimp." There’s no implication here that I might be managing the business of prostitutes. I’m just a cool guy.

Interestingly it can also be used as an adjective as in "Did you see his pimp ride?" or "That ride was pimpin’." Both statements essentially mean that he had a cool car.

The most fascinating use that I’ve heard is when it’s used as an adverb as in: "Did you check out his pimp tite ride?" Here, 'pimp' is the adverb modifying the adjective 'tite' ('tite' of course means really cool. One might even say as cool as a pimp).

Most adjectives can be adverbed just by taking the advice of "Lolly, Lolly, Lolly, Get Your Adverbs Here" and adding an '–ly.' Unfortunately, this approach would turn the adjective ‘pimp’ into potential adverb ‘pimply’. That would never do.

No pimp should ever be pimply. A potentially pimply pimp wouldn’t ever be pimp much less a pimp pimp even if the pimply pimp was pimping pimply and had a pimp tite ride such as a pimpmobile. The pimply pimp probably would receive a pimp-slapping by a real pimpin’ pimp who can pimp properly without being pimply. (One hopes our pimply pimp wouldn't be tied to the pimping post.)

by Professor Truth J Brushefeller


Blogger Jessica said...

Some words are just not meant to be adjectives.

-Big Playah J. Fresh

7:14 PM  

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