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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Looking Up

Last night, I got my telescope out for the first time in years and set it up in the driveway, which gave me a nice view of the Moon slipping below the roof of the house. Low in the sky and in its waxing crescent phase, the Moon looked beautiful to the naked eye. Through the 'scope I just about got lost in the impact craters and mountains thrown into starkest relief by the sun's light raking across its surface. I could have stared at it for hours, slowly tracking the telescope along the terminator, studying each mountain, each crater.

When it finally fell below the roof, I turned the 'scope around to the east to try for a glimpse of the Pleiades, but a street light ruined the view so I'll have to wait until later in the winter (or the night) to catch a better view when it clears the glare. I didn't try for Mars for the same reason, but perhaps if I go to the backyard, I might be able to see it over the house, which might block the accursed light.

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