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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Hound Update

Okay so Phoebe seems to have adjusted to the idea that the humans will be gone for the better part of each day. I am happy to report a lack of destruction for the past two days, and she seems genuinely excited to see us when we get home. She even barked at me when I walked in (a very high-pitched bark that sounds odd coming from a dog of her size), which was startling since greyhounds aren't known for barking. She apparently learned the skill from a doberman in her foster home.

She's still shy when we approach; obviously she's not used to being treated well by people, but then mistreatment is the life to which most racing greyhounds are accustomed. I love the dogs and watching them run together in the backyard is great fun, because they truly love to run, but the greyhound racing business just turns my stomach. I can't imagine mistreating these beautiful animals. Dogs are great. People suck.

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