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Monday, October 24, 2005

We Be the Master Now

When we got our first dog, Zephyr, she was a self-feeder who ate only when she felt like it, usually every other day. When we got Daphne, Zephyr began eating every time there was food around, and Daphne knew that she was not to eat until Zephyr had eaten all of her food and whatever of Daphne's she could steal while we (the food police) weren't watching. Daphne, until yesterday, was never terribly interested in food one way or the other, which made it easy for Zephyr to help herself to Daphne's dinner.

When Phoebe came on the scene, however, Daphne suddenly started eating her own food and then investigating Phoebe's. We never thought Daphne would ever exhibit any alpha behavior, but recently she was heard mumbling something along the lines of, "We has the precious, and we be the master now." Zephyr would be proud.

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