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Sunday, October 23, 2005

New Hound in Town

This is Greyhound Phoebe. She came to us yesterday from Greyhound Pets of America - Central Texas, and has spent the past 24 hours relaxing on her place by the back door and observing our habits. She is a spook, which means that she is afraid of many things, particularly people. She does not seem to be afraid of Daphne (see the picture beneath my profile) or Morrison.

Phoebe will be two on November 8. We haven't weighed her yet, but she appears to be about 65 pounds. She is a racer who was forced into early retirement after twice being defeated at a racetrack in Corpus Christi. Her racing name was "Rayna Ann Walker" but for the past six weeks in foster care, has been called "Geena." She is a sweet girl who loves to eat. She likes chewing on fluffy toys and seems to enjoy exploring the backyard.

She was fostered with several cats and appears to be as ambivalent towards them as Morrison is to her as can be seen in this photo (although he does try to get on her place).
Daphne is marginally interested but mainly when they're outside. In the next few days, she will probably begin exploring and interacting a bit more, and I'll keep you posted.

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