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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Finally Feels Like November

One of the things I love about Austin is the weather between late November and the end of the year. The torture of October Allergies (for me) is over, making it a pleasure to be outdoors again during the best time of year for it, and the first real cold fronts begin to arrive like the one that came in yesterday and caused me to break out my coat. I probably didn't need it, but I have to justify the space it takes up in my closet on the few days of the year on which I can do so.

Even rush traffic isn't so bad when the city sparkles in the crisp air like it did last night and again this morning. It's the time of year when I remember I have a telescope (which will be on the agenda for this evening) and find that it's actually worth setting up in the yard as the stars just seem to jump out of the sky.

It's hard to believe that only two weeks ago, I was standing in my front yard, amid fallen leaves staring at the pumpkins on the porch while wearing shorts and sandals wondering if it would ever cool off. Now that it has, I'll be sure to enjoy it. Summer is afterall only a little over a month away.



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