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Friday, October 14, 2005

Friday Afternoon

The weather today is relatively nice, though a bit hot for mid-October. I guess I should get used to that as it seems it's just going to get hotter as we continue to cook the planet to a nice crisp. Imagine all that Alaskan coastline that could someday be prime property for beach homes...

Still, a round of golf might be in order this weekend, a chance to test out the new putter in the vain hope that my putting problems have all been my old putter and not pilot-error. Taking up golf has been a pleasure and a challenge (and a growing obsession) that I've very much enjoyed. I hadn't ever realized that it's an insanely mental game. The difficulty is that there's too much time to think about what you've got to do. I wonder if someone were trying to tackle me as I was about to shoot, would I make better shots by just letting my muscles do the work without being second-guessed by my mind? I suppose that's my favorite thing about golf, other than being outside: it forces me to clear my mind, which of course is very rejuvenating and a fine way to spend a weekend morning.

Watching UT paste Colorado should also be nice, if a bit dull.

Ok, so this is not a Post of Great Significance. It's mainly an attempt to post via email to see how this goes.



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