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Saturday, December 24, 2005

One Day till Christmas: A Very Special Weekend Hound & Cat Report: Taking the Show on the Road

I’m not sure it’s that special, but I always wanted to do a Very Special something along the lines of all the Very Special episodes that certain TV shows run this time of year. I also like the fact that the title of this post double categorizes itself. Is this a Days till Christmas post? Is it a Weekend Hound & Cat Report? Is it just a post with an overlong title involving too many colons? Am I rambling too much on this? Probably, so here it is with – oh, what the hell – a colon:

Because there was no room at the inn kennel and not a single shepard watching his flock by night person we know who felt comfortable giving Morrison his insulin injections, he accompanied us on our journey to visit my wife's family in east Texas. He travels pretty well in the car, and considering there were two large greyhounds and one cat, the trip went uneventfully.

Daphne hid under a pile of blankets. Morrison slept mostly in his cat carrier. Phoebe seemed to have had a good time on the road. This was the first time she'd gone farther than the vet, and she was excited about this opportunity to slay the dragon, destroy the One Ring, learn the ways of The Force, and sit in a car for six hours. The excitement lasted about half-way to Houston and then she just curled up and slept through the rest of the drive.

As we progressed down I-10 and into the Golden Triangle, it was nice to see Christmas lights and other decorations on so many buildings and homes despite the FEMA tarps that still cover most of the roofs. East Teaxs still looks "all tore up" but not as bad as the last time we were here, though, I couldn't believe some of the damage in Port Arthur that we hadn't seen last month since we didn't go that way. Port Arthur was the town where Morrison decided the trip was over and began meowing and singing his Blues of the Lonesome Road. Fortunately, by that point we were almost there.

When we arrived, Phoebe was introduced to this side of the family and they all seem to like her, and more importantly she isn't afraid of them. She's exploring, Daphne is hiding, and Morrison is following my father-in-law around. Hopefully they'll all enjoy tolerate the drive home as well as they did the drive here.

Tomorrow...the tree.

Until then, stop off at Ironicus Maximus to find out if greyhounds really are dogs.


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